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WHAT IS A HOME INSPECTION ? -A complete, top to bottom visual examination of the components and operating systems of a home by an unbiased observer. Problematic issues are noted and recommendations are made as to how to proceed with repairs by a qualified professional.

WHAT DO YOU INSPECT?-Virtually everything inside and outside the house.Click on “Our Inspection” page to see the basic items that we inspect in every house.

CAN’T WE DO IT OURSELVES ? -Unless you have worked in the building trades, it is not a practical decision.With our experience building homes and understanding construction systems, we can find latent problems that the average person can not.Buying a home can be a stressful experience and buyers tend to developan emotional attachment to a home and overlook many serious issues or problems.

CAN OUR HOME “FAIL” THE INSPECTION ? -Only in your eyes.We will point out all the deficient items that we find and discuss them with you.We will help you understand the differences between standard maintenance repairs and serious issues, whether they be structural flaws, safety dangers, or health hazards.

WHAT DO WE DO IF THE REPORT REVEALS PROBLEMS ?-There is no perfect house.We can guarantee that we will find flaws.We will discuss them with you to help you understand what your parameters are. Many times the results of the inspection can influence an adjustment to the sale price of the home.

DO I HAVE TO BE THERE ?- We highly recommend and encourage our clients to walk through with us. Ultimately, it is your decision. We like to make the inspection a positive experience.We will demonstrate the function, operation and maintenance of all systems in the house.Generally, we find that home buyers are unaware of standard maintenance and causes of wear and tear to the house structure. As we walk through we see that the purchaser has more questions than they themselves would have thought of previously.


Montgomery County MD Home Inspection Service 1 FAQ

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