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Pre-Sale / Pre-Purchase Inspections :
A pre-sale inspection is performed on most homes. Our inspection examines all aspects of the home from the roof to the foundation, the exterior and grading. We attempt to walk on all roofs, if it is safe. Our focus is on structure, safety, environmental, mechanical, and energy issues. We inspect all plumbing, HVAC systems, electric circuitry and panels. All structural components of the home are inspected, rafters, trusses, framing, concrete or block foundations, beams and columns. As environmental hazards are always a concern, we check for water damage, mold, lead, asbestos, and wood boring insects. Our inspection process is designed to exceed the minimum standard set by ASHI, the American Society of Home Inspectors. We encourage the purchaser to participate in the inspection and demonstrate the function and operation of all appliances and mechanical systems. We give recommendations on ways to save energy, offer radon and lead testing upon request.

New Home Construction Inspections :
A new home inspection is done during the construction process. The procedure is as follows:
1) Foundation phase – Prior to the replacement of the backfill soil around the perimeter of the foundation, we inspect the footings, the foundation walls (concrete or block), exterior parging and/or waterproofing, exterior perimeter drain tile or piping, and foundation wall anchors.
2) Pre-Drywall / Close-in phase – Prior to hanging drywall, we inspect all framing of floors, walls, and roof structures with respect to local building codes and quality construction methods. At this time, we also inspect all plumbing, HVAC, electrical and sprinkler system rough-ins to inside compliance and sound construction. All structural components are checked, beams, columns and foundation walls. All energy savings items such as windows, doors and insulation are checked.
3) Final Inspection – ( With the Home Owner) A top to bottom walk through of the house as with the Pre-Sale Inspection. A complete check of the roof, attic, utilities, HVAC, plumbing, electric, appliances, foundation, exterior grading and drainage.

Home Warranty Inspections :
Most builders New Home Warranties expire after 12 months, with the exception of the roof and foundation. Prior to the warranty expiration date, we will conduct a complete inspection of the home to check for construction deficiencies and any hidden issues. This will allow the home owner to discuss any warranty related issues with your builder. Afterward, we confirm that issues brought up in the final inspection have been addressed.

Maintenance Inspections :
Like any man made structure, a home is subject to normal wear and tear. New homes can settle up to 1/4 inch over a 5-10 year period, which can create foundation cracking and minor cracks in the drywall. Exterior grading can settle or erode causing water drainage issues or damage to the structure. Water leakage can create mold. Aging roofs may need replacement even though they appear to be sound. HVAC systems may not be running at full capacity, plumbing pipes can begin to show signs of corrosion. Plus in wooded areas there is always a concern for termite infestation.
The purpose of this inspection is to identify these deficiencies before they become a major repair item. Maintenance inspections normally run only half the time as a pre-sale inspection.

Consulting :
If at any time, you have concerns about a problem with your home, whether mechanical or structural and you wish to seek advice or a second opinion, The Carls Group is available to check your concerns and give professional advice as to how to correct to problem. Phillip Carls is a “court recognized” expert.


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