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Excerpt from The Washington Post, June 16th, 2007:

Phillip Carls, a home inspector, shimmies up the aluminum ladder and scales the roof, checking gutters and shingles and craftsmanship. Beads of perspiration roll down his forehead, and his exposed legs are full of fresh scrapes. In no time, he’s inside the empty, newly built house in Bowie, flipping light switches, opening and shutting doors, peeking underneath a sunken tub with a mirror, examining the electrical wiring in the dishwasher, climbing into a 98-degree attic.

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There’s nobody more thorough than Phil Carls…..Since our first purchase in 1999, we’ve used Phil for all of our properties. He helped us save thousands of dollars when he discovered a brand new hard wood floor on our first house was installed improperly. The wood floor looked fine to us, but without his discovery, the floor would have began buckling in 2 years time and we wouldn’t be able to open and close our doors. He’s inspected properties we bought prior to buying them and also reviewed renovation work for our existing properties. When it comes to buying a property, most critical step is know what’s ‘under the hood’ even when you’re buying ‘as-is’. Never skimp on this step. You want the best inspector there is and his name is Phil Carls.

Tim Touchette
Attache Corporate Housing


Phil Carls is a pro…. The process of buying or building a home can be daunting for those of us who lack the expertise to spot problems. Phil provided outstanding advice not only in catching issues that we surely would have missed, but also in working cooperatively with our builder and by giving us tips on how to avoid problems in the future. Without question, I would recommend Phil to others.

- Eric and Susan Rubel


I met Phil Carls about 10 years ago when I bought my first investment property in DC. When we arrived at the property, Phil handed me a clipboard and said ‘let’s go inside and see what she looks like.’ We spent the next 90 minutes going room to room with Phil pointing out problems and areas of concern. He was detailed and concise.

At one point Phil was on his hands and knees on the hardwood floor listening and tapping the panels. He discovered that the builder had skipped 2 of the 5 steps needed to install hardwood floors properly.

Who knew?!

Phil also praised the builder’s work where he saw solid structure. Phil talked and I took notes, writing down everything he said that needed to be fixed. We prioritized the most pressing issues to get resolved (about $10,000 worth) and talked about next steps.

I felt so good walking out of that property because we had a reasonable plan of action about what needed to get done by the seller in order for me to buy the house.

Ultimately, the seller worked with us on most of these issues and my wife and I purchased the investment property.

We still own it 10 years later!

Had we skipped the inspection to save a few bucks and gone into the closing blind, we would have lost thousands of dollars.

We did our due diligence and came out ahead because we used Phil.

I highly recommend getting a home inspection with The Carls Group…they truly are the experts. Buying a home without an inspection is like signing a blank check, and using The Carls Group provides you with the knowledge and confidence you need to complete your new home.

- John Nanna


I own a custom building company in Virginia that specializes in high-end homes. Phil and Conn have been working with us for the past 15 years and are the only inspectors that we work with.  Phil has been a private inspector for us, helping with quality control.  He does one inspection before dry wall and one inspection after completion.  It’s great to have another set of eyes.   He’s very thorough, very fair.  Always reliable.  I’m consistently happy with Phil’s work and that’s why we’ve stayed the course.  I highly recommend using The Carls Group for your inspection needs…he’s the best.”

-Mitch Racoosin, Owner

Associated Custom Builders, LLC


Phil Carls is professional, knowledgeable and personable. His level of expertise and years of experience allow him to size up a house quickly while at the same time patiently answering questions and explaining causes of problems in a house and how to avoid costly repairs in the future.  Phil highlights the major issues and stresses any safety concerns and gives you his report at the end of his inspection.  He doesn’t stop there; he encourages clients to call him with any questions anytime in the future.  I would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of a Home Inspector.

- Deborah Kay, REALTOR

Slone & Associates, LLC



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